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Does the mail still move on days when its not being delivered?

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Does the us mail still travel along to its destination on Sundays and holidays or does it stay at whatever distribution facility it was at until Monday?

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  1. I think it does but in my area they do not collect it from mailboxes.

  2. Yes, the US post office, FedEx and DHL work behind the scenes on holidays/weekends.

  3. yes, there is someone moving the mail even on Sundays.

  4. Yes it does and that is why your mail is so late the week following a holiday - PO is playing catch up.

  5. yea it is the mail is always moving they just don’t pick up or drop off,on sundays or holidays

  6. Yes. In large buildings called Processing & Distribution Centers (PDCs) and Sectional Center Facilites (SCFs), besides many other large operating facilites. It goes via air and ground transportaion. Only the final delivery stations are not open on Sundays and Federal Holidays. The mail moves 24-7/365, despite the ineptness of the management system.

  7. No, they are private businesses. They do not have to work on weekends. It may be part of there business practices to operate on weekends, but you can be guaranteed that less than 1/4 of the usual employees will be at work, and only half of them will actually be doing something other than extended lunchbreaks on the toilet.

  8. I believe it stays where it is. I think they might have night ppl come in and sort it but it stacys at the same facility. Then again I could be wrong because I’m just guessing. If you work for the govt you get paid double time instead of time and a half on holidays. i know cause i work for the city and im working today :)

  9. Last I knew it moves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that may have changed to a 24/5 during recent years. Your local post office might have the answer. Holidays I’m not quite sure on, postal employees are Federal so I’m guessing they do not work on the recognized holidays so I’m thinking no mail movement on those days.

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