I am already in England. Will I need my passport to travel by train to Scotland?

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I ask, because my passport is currently in the possession of immigration authorities while they process my residency application. I am Canadian, but am here legally with my EU spouse. I would like to go sightseeing in Scotland for the weekend, will I have trouble getting through without my passport?

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  1. England and Scotland are in the same country. Do you use your passport to travel from Quebec to Alberta? No.

  2. NO crossing borders in UK are free don’t require a visa and their is no physical borders between England Scotland and Wales. You know when your in Scotland when it starts to rain!!!

  3. No, you won’t – the country you’re in is the United Kingdom, which encompasses England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so travel to any of those places keeps you within the nation’s borders.

    If you’re staying in hotels, though, they’re quite likely to ask for your passport, as they have to register foreign nationals staying with them. Check ahead with any hotels you plan to stay in.

    Enjoy – Scotland is beautiful!

  4. jjjjulieeeelovellyyy on November 1st, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    there is nothing to get through, there are no imigration controls between england scotland wales and norhtern ireland. You just get on and off the train as if travelling from north to south london…..

    have a good trip

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