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Why do the gas prices always go up during the holidays?

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During summer its the excuse that people are going on vacation more and driving around and using more fuel. Yet, during the summer the price actually drops! Now they are going back up again. What do you think the deal is on this one?

10 comments to “Why do the gas prices always go up during the holidays?”

  1. You have no choice but to drive your car thus increase demand. Demand up/ Price up.

  2. Supply and demand (economics 101).

  3. Gouging and some places the winter blend does cost more. I have a better question. Oil goes up today and when the gas station opens in the morning his price on the gas thats been in his tanks since the day before goes up. Oil goes down, you dont see it at the station for at least 2 weeks.

  4. they know we will pay the price. and its obvious our politicians don’t give a dam, all their gas is paid for by us, out of our pockets, in the form of taxes, so its just the working stiff’s that have to absorb the price

  5. The politicians need more money for their Christmas gift list. The easiest way to get it is to let big oil have it’s way with the taxpayers once again so the holiday presents to the politicians will be bigger. Don’t feel bad this is not the only country that is controlled by special interest groups.

  6. The WORLD’s demand for Oil- continues to rise. In China & India especially- More and MORE people are owning cars that use gas that INCREASE the demand for Oil… However, the World’s Supply of Oil- is staying just about the same… So the Increasing DEMAND- is driving up the Price of the Supply. And with NO END of this increasing Demand in sight- the price of gas WILL CONTINUE to rise (in “fits & starts”) until WE begin using LESS of it & drive the Demand DOWN… So get used to it. Gas is probably going to go up a $1. a YEAR- from now on (or until it starts going up $1.50 a Year… :( …)…

  7. “Whatever the market will bear.”

  8. The supply remains the same but the demand increases.
    For those of you who don’t follow the financial pages. It is NOT because of a shortage of oil. The middle east countries limit the amount of oil they sell to keep the price artificially high.

  9. They refuse to use the refineries to capacity,and or build new ones although they have received tax subsidies to support doing so! George permits the oil industries to get away with this nonsense every time! He also looks away when they continue to pollute and they’re never fined! He is in charge of each of the federal regulatory agencies yet none of them regulate anything anymore! This is what republicans do and it has to stop!

  10. People travel during holidays. More people on the road, if that’s even possible, more gas consumption. Greed, greed, greed.

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